Welcome to the voice of tyler k.

Corporate Voice Over Artist | Public Speaking Trainer | Sipper of Americanos

Hello, World. Meet Tyler K. A Professional Voice Over artist in Edmonton, AB, Canada. With 25 years of public speaking experience, and the equivalent in sipping Americanos, The voice of Tyler K. can be heard from Coast to Coast, from Kelowna to Quebec City. Tyler grew up behind a mic: analyzing, coaching, singing + now recording projects . Possessing a strong, smooth + relatable sound to his voice, Tyler K is able to adapt to your project, including commercials, branding, E-Learning, On Hold Messaging + more. Tyler is available for recordings in both English + French.
He is also available for Public Speaking Training as well as Voice Over Training, to help you overcome your public speaking fears.
This is the Voice of Tyler K. It's been said that some people just have a face for the mic.

Book Tyler K. | 403.400.7994 | tylerkvoiceover@gmail.com